(*solo shows)

“Small Works Show”. Gallery 100, Saratoga Springs, NY. 2007

“100 Under 1000”. Lee Hansley Gallery, Raleigh, NC. 2007

“Annual Small Works Show”. Artists' House Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. 2007

*“Paintings”. Windsor Whip Works Gallery, Windsor, NY. 2007

“Rock Garden Art Group 5th Annual Exhibition”. Center for the Arts of Homer, Homer, NY. 2007

“Victory Hall Painting Annual”. Victory Hall Cultural Center, Jersey City, NJ. 2006

“Red, White, and Black”. Victory Hall Cultural Center. Jersey City, NJ. 2004

*Jersey City Artists' Studio Tour. Participating artist. 2002-2004

“Here to Stay” (111 First St. Artists Group Show) City Hall Rotunda, Jersey City, NJ. 2003

*“Recent Paintings”. Artists' House Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.1998. Curator: L. Reisenbach

“Figures Into Landscapes”. The Painted Bride Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. 1997. Curator: A.M. Weaver

*“Recent Paintings”. Artists' House Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. 1997. Curator: L. Reisenbach

*“Recent Paintings”. Artists' House Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. 1996. Curator: L. Reisenbach

“Drawing on the Male Nude”. Millenium Coffeehouse. Philadelphia, PA. 1996

“The Malvern Festival Exhibition”. Malvern, England. 1994

Cowleigh Gallery. Malvern, England. 1994

Broekman Gallery. Chester, England. 1994

“Three Young Masters”. Holland Gallery, London, England. 1993. Curator: Renske Mann

David Curzon Gallery. Thames Ditton, England. 1993

“Annual Christmas Show”. Holland Gallery. London, England. 1992

*“Selected Works”. Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre. Cwmbran, Wales. 1992. Curator: Sara Bowie

Tamworth Arts Centre. Tamworth, England. 1992

The Print Club. Philadelphia, PA. 1990


The Hon. L. Harvey Smith, Mayor of Jersey City. Jersey City, NJ

Office of the Secretary-General of the United Nations. New York, NY

The Capitol Children's Museum. Washington, DC

The United States Information Agency. Washington, DC

Office of the Mayor of St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg, Russia

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Resnick. The Franklin Mint, Wawa, PA

Mr. James DuPont. New York, NY

Mrs. Ruth Ellington. Tempo Music, Inc. New York, NY

Mr. George T. Pew, Jr. Bryn Maw, PA

Mr. Ronald Mayer, San Francisco, CA

Other private collections in the United States, Great Britain and the Netherlands.


Landscape painting of Adirondack property. Mr. William Knox, Greensboro, NC. 2007

Landscape paintings of gardens and house (interior). Mr. Charles Nott, Albany, NY. 2006-2007

Landscape painting of Vermont property. Mr. David Wagner, Philadelphia, PA. 2006

Landscape painting of Vermont property. Mr. Carl Reidell, Osterville, MA. 2005

Portraits in oil for private clients. 1989, 1997, 2003-2004

Ceiling murals, trompe-l'oeil stone and marble in ground floor lobby. Spingarn Office Building, Jersey City, NJ. 2003

Exterior mural for garden of Ms.Shulumit Lazarus, Bloomfield, NJ. 2002

Worked as in-house painter for Evergreen Painting Studio as part of team executing large-scale Italian renaissance murals for the Sands Casino, Las Vegas, NV. 1999.

Illustrations for “Concerto for Double Bass and Viola” (1994), “Concerto for Three Violins and Orchestra” (1991) and “That Song” (opera, 1991) by David Finko.

Commemorative wood-cut print for the Leningrad Boys' Choir. Greater Philadelphia-Leningrad Partnership. 1990


Judson Scholarship for Visual Artists. Pendle Hill. Wallingford, PA.1996

Delarippa Award. Fleisher Art Memorial. Philadelphia, PA. 1995

Southeast Wales Arts Association Artist in Residence. Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Cwmbran, Wales. 1992

Fulbright National Screening Committee. Received grant recommendation for painting in Italy. 1990

Barney Award for Excellence in French Studies, UNC-G 1985

Elected life-member of the National French Honor Society. UNC-G 1988


Philadelphia Watercolor Club Prize. 1990

Daniel Garber Drawing Prize (special notice). 1990

Morris Blackburn Landscape Prize for Oil (special notice). 1989

Morris Blackburn Landscape Prize for Watercolor. 1988

Charles Toppan Prize. 1988

Samuel David Prize for Cast Drawing (special notice). 1988

Cadwalader Prize for Portraiture (special notice).


State University of New York at Cortland, Cortland, NY. Adjunct lecturer in drawing. 2008.

Two-month residency with high schools in Gwent, Wales. Conducted weekly workshops with three groups of students. Subjects covered: life drawing and artistic anatomy, landscape drawing, still life and portrait painting. 1992


Copyist. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY. 1999. Oil studies of paintings by Titian and Corot.

Art Students' League. New York, NY. Painting from life model. 1998.

Fleisher Art memorial. Philadelphia, PA. 1993-1995. Studio assistant in ceramic tile-making. Duties included preparation of glazes and firing.

Leicester Print Workshop. Leicester, England. 1992-1993. Study of etching

Copyist. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA. 1991. Oil studies of Dutch and Italian baroque paintings.

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA. 1986-1990. Graduate certificate for studies in figurative drawing and painting. 1990

University of North Carolina at Greensboro. BA (French). 1985


“Powerful landscape-the pregnant (I assume) woman beneath the fragile tree surrounded by the dark woods beyond-the tentativeness and tenuousness of it all and the clinging to the smallest measure of hope through the wonder of regenerative nature…”
Albert Boime, author of The Academy and French Painting in the 19th Century, Professor of Art History, UCLA, reflecting on the painting “Autumn Visitor”. 2000.

“Mayer's precisely delineated nudes refer to classicism in a dry, academic way, but they also convey alienation and the idea of the body as an object of veneration.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer, art review, 10/10/97

“The representation of the nude to some extent reflects the system of order perpetuated by patriarchy, since the male gaze is dominant. Rarely is the male figure fully revealed; it is rendered partially clad or cropped above the waist except in a recent work “Erysichthon” by Kevin Mayer…In works by [Mayer and others], landscapes are psychological backdrops or fields in which the infusion of the figure, head or torso are the insignia of a drama yet to unfold or held at bay…[the figure] serves not only as a vehicle for insight into the character of the model or subject, but the conscious and unconscious underpinnings of the artists' psyche as well. The works are windows into subconscious and philosophical precepts, rather than mere records of reality observed.”

A.M. Weaver, from the essay “Figures Into Landscape's Horizontals” accompanying the exhibition “Figures Into Landscape”. 1997

“There is a relationship between magic and reality to much of Mayer's artwork. At the recent “Figures Into Landscapes” exhibition at the Painted Bride, Mayer featured large, neo-classical paintings of the human form that carry a twilight melancholy of a forgotten pagan religion. In “Nymphs and Satyr”, Pan is depicted in twilight, jaded and disinterested. Nude female nymphs encourage but he is drunk and exhausted from the excesses of drink and flesh, imprisoned not by morality or desire but by the limitations of his flesh…”

Cei Bell, art critic, Au Courant Newsmagazine, Philadelphia, PA. 1997